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      Laboratory DC Power Supplies

      Programmable Power Supplies for use in laboratories and test benches, the range varies in power from 100W to 15KW and voltage from 30V to 1500V

      TP3000 TP6000: 90W 180W 300W 360W Single Dual output

    1. Digital meters
    2. Single output and Dual floating output models
    3. Constant current/constant voltage operation
    4. Series or parallel operation
    5. Short circuit protection
    6. Coarse and fine voltage control
    7. Output voltages: 0-18V 0-30V 0-60V
    8. PS360: 360W

    9. Switch mode design: compact & light weight
    10. Five models to choose from up to 60V and 30A
    11. Constant Voltage and Constant Current operation
    12. 0-100% adjustment for Voltage & Current
    13. 3 Digit LED Display for Voltage & Current
    14. Short Circuit & Overload protection
    15. Coarse and Fine Voltage Controls
    16. LED indicator for CV , CC modes
    17. ZUP: 200W 400W 800W

    18. Three power levels: 200W, 400W , 800W
    19. Five output voltage ranges: 0-6V , 0-10V , 0-20V , 0-36V , 0-60V , 0-120V
    20. Universal input 85~264VAC with PFC
    21. Constant voltage/constant current operation
    22. Built-in RS232 and RS485 interface
    23. GPIB programming option
    24. External voltage or resistance programming
    25. Parallel operation (master/slave)
    26. Bench mount or rack mount
    27. GEN: 750W 1500W

    28. Universal input 85~264 VAC
    29. High power density 1500W in 1U rack
    30. Output up to 600V
    31. Built in RS232/RS485 interface - standard Optional GPIB (SCP) interface
    32. Software calibration and Last Setting Memory
    33. Parallel operation with Active Current Sharing
    34. Series Operation ... maximum 2 units with external diodes
    35. External analog programming and monitoring
    36. Optional isolated analog programming and monitoring
    37. Lab View and Lab Windows drivers
    38. DC Electronic Loads

      Programmable DC Electronic loads 150W to 15KW