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      AC/DC Power Supplies

      A wide range of AC/DC single output and multi-output power supplies. Starting form 1W up to 12KW in numerous configurations including vented case, external , PCB mount , 19" rack mount and wall mount. These power supplies are available in industrial grade, medical grade and commercial grade.

      AC/DC Power Supplies with 24VAC Input

    1. Wide range of power supplies with 24VAC Input
    2. AC/DC Power Supplies with 48VAC Input

    3. Range of power supplies with 48VAC Input
    4. AC/DC Switching Power Supply

    5. Open Frame, Enclosed, U Bracket and Din Rail Design
    6. Universal Input Range
    7. High Efficiency up to 93%
    8. Wide Output Voltage
    9. PFC Function
    10. Ultra Compact Dimension & Weight
    11. UL Safety Approved
    12. AC/DC PCB Mount Power Modules 2W - 150W

    13. Fully Encapsulated AC/DC Power Modules
    14. Power rating 2W to 150W
    15. PCB Mount and Chassis Mount
    16. High Isolation Voltage
    17. Universal Input Range
    18. Smallest Size and Light Weight
    19. CE and UL Safety Approved
    20. AC/DC External Power Supplies

      Range of desktop and plugpack power supplies from 5W to 750W

      AC/DC LED Power Supplies

      A range of LED Power Supplies available in both "Constant Current" and "Constant Voltage" types and different power levels to allow the best options dependig on the particular LED configuration. The range of LED power supplies is available in IP65 , IP66 and IP67 protection levels.

      AC/DC Custom Power Supplies

      A range of custom power supplies for non standard applications.