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      DC UPS Systems - Battery Chargers - DC Backup Solutions

      A range of DC UPS solutions to provide uninterruptible DC power to critical DC loads. The wide range of options include DIN rail mount units , as well as Chassis mount and rack mount options. The range of DC UPS options cover power levels from small 30W up to several KW. Numerous applications include Automation, security and radio communications.

      CBU Series Din Rail Mount DC UPS

    1. Smart DC UPS
    2. Compact size , DIN rail mountable
    3. Output voltages: 12,24,VDC
    4. Simple operation and quick installation
    5. Double power for high surge loads
    6. Multistep charger for maximum battery life
    7. Auto diagnostic features
    8. GSU Series DC UPS

    9. Robust Design
    10. Compact structure
    11. Temperature compensated charging
    12. User programmable charge Topologies
    13. Fully protected AC & DC operation
    14. MXU Series DC UPS

    15. Robust Design
    16. Compact Encapsulated structure
    17. Temperature compensated charging
    18. User programmable charge Topologies
    19. Fully protected AC & DC operation
    20. Two models: 24V 10A 12V 20A
    21. SNB series - DC backup power supplies

    22. Wide AC input 90 - 264 VAC
    23. High efficiency, switched mode design
    24. Fully isolated output
    25. Power fail and battery fail alarms
    26. DC ok and battery ok LEDs
    27. Isolation diode
    28. Battery fused protected
    29. Overload and OVP protection of rectifier module
    30. Wall mount enclosure with battery "SNBW"
    31. AS3260 approved rectifier modules No. CS7067N
    32. Low volt disconnect - option
    33. SRU Series - Smart DC UPS SYSTEM

    34. Voltages 12V 24V 30V 36V 48V
    35. Power levels: 100W 250W 500W 750W
    36. Independent load and battery regulators.
    37. Temperature Compensated battery float voltage.
    38. Battery charge current limiter.
    39. Alarms (relay). PSU OK, Battery System OK.
    40. Battery deep discharge protection - disconnect/reconnect with alarm.
    41. Wide input voltage window tolerance.
    42. Precise Voltage and Current controls.
    43. Overload and short circuit protection.
    44. Optionally available regular BATTERY CONDITION TESTING
    45. 19 inch rack mount and wall mount options.
    46. DC UPS Din Rail Mount units with DC Input

    47. DC UPS Units with 24VDC , 12VDC Input
    48. Current ratings from 10A to 20A
    49. Compact buffering solutions
    50. DC UPS Battery Modules 12V 24V

    51. 12V and 24V Lead Acid Battery Moduels
    52. Capacity Ratings 1.3AH 3.4AH 7.2AH 12AH
    53. Din Rail Mount and Wall Mount
    54. Suitable for use with all DC UPS units
    55. DC UPS 19" Rack Mount Solutions

    56. 19" rack mount programmable rectifiers / power supplies
    57. Fast, accurate digital control of output voltage and current limit
    58. Remote management option using TCP/IP and built-in web server
    59. Straight Rectifier or DC UPS models with or without web server
    60. Models available for 12V 24V and 48V systems 675 or 1350 watts
    61. Parallel ready for increased power up to 8KW
    62. UPS800 Series DC UPS 75W-600W

    63. Universal input 85 - 260VAC
    64. 75 to 600 watts output power
    65. Output voltage: 12V / 24V / 36V / 48V
    66. Short circuit and OVP protection
    67. Alarms: Battery Open Circuit , AC Fail Alarm , Charger Fail Alarm , Battery Low Alarm
    68. Battery Start UP Switch , Test Switch
    69. Low Voltage Disconnection to protect the Battery
    70. DC UPS With Ultracapacitors

    71. DC UPS Solutions with ultracapacitors
    72. 12V 24V 48V DC Ups options
    73. Environmentally safe No toxic chemicals
    74. Virtually maintenance free Lasts for many years
    75. High temperature operation up to +60°C
    76. Higher energy vs. electrolytic capacitors
    77. Suitable for short backup time
    78. 线上斗牛app