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      Industrial Batteries

      Large range of industrial batteries including lead acid AGM batteries for standby use as well as cyclic use, lead acid GEL batteries, Li-Ion battery pack and NimH battery packs.

      Lead Carbon Batteries

    1. Less sulfation in case of partial state-of-charge operation
    2. Lower charge voltage and therefore higher efficiency
    3. Less corrosion of the positive plate
    4. Overall result is improved cycle life
    5. AGM Supercycle Batteries

    6. A truly innovative battery
    7. Exceptional 100% depth of discharge (DoD) performance
    8. Smaller and lighter
    9. Low internal resistance
    10. AGM and GEL Batteries Deep Cycle

    11. Design life ranging from 7 to 12 year
    12. AGM range has very low internal resistance making them particularly suitable for high current discharge applications
    13. GEL range offers good deep cycle
    14. Low self discharge due to the use of of high purity materials
    15. Compliant with both CE and UL specifications in ABS fireproof containers
    16. Lithium Batteries

    17. Lead acid batteries
    18. Deep cycle and Standdby Applications
    19. Good charge retention
    20. AGM and GEL eletrolyte
    21. Drypower - Sealed Lead Acid - Deep Cycle - Standby

    22. Lead acid batteries
    23. Deep cycle and Standdby Applications
    24. Good charge retention
    25. AGM and GEL eletrolyte
    26. Panasonic - Sealed Lead Acid - Absorbed Glass Matt

      • High quality and reliability
      • Exceptional deep discharge recovery
      • No corrosive gas generation
      • Long service life
      • Quick chargeability
      • High power density
      • Maintenance-free operation

      Industrial Alkaline - Energizer

      • High current carrying capability
      • Low and essentially constant internal resistance
      • Long shelf life and good low temperature performance
      • Wide variety of applications: Heavy Duty Lighting , Camera Motor Drives , Transceivers , Cellular Telephones , Electronic Photoflashes , SecurityDevices (Alarms, Smoke Detectors)