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      Battery Chargers - Multistep

      Battery chargers offered in this section cater for a wide range of applications. For "CYCLIC" applications, our Multi Step battery chargers with timer boost control provide options for charging lead acid batteries from 3AH and up to 1000AH capacity. Some of the features of these chargers include charging deeply discharged batteries, auto and manual boost , Bluetooth connectivity , high efficiency, waterproof, alarm functions , industrial and marine applications.

      Blue Power Multistep Chargers - IP22

    1. 12V Outputs: 15A , 20A , 30A Single and Tripple
    2. 24V Outputs: 8A , 12A , 15A Sinlge and Tripple
    3. High up to 94% efficiency
    4. Adaptive 6-stage charge algorithm
    5. Storage Mode: less maintenance and aging when the battery is not in use
    6. Charges Li-ion (LiFePO4) batteries
    7. LiFePO4 batteries are charged with a simple bulk / absorption / float algorithm
    8. NIGHT and LOW setting
    9. Protected against overheating
    10. Eleven LEDs for status indication
    11. Blue Power Multistep Chargers - IP65

    12. 12V Outputs: 5A , 7A , 10A , 15A
    13. 24V Outputs: 5A , 8A
    14. Water, dust and chemical resistant
    15. Seven step smart charge algorithm
    16. Recovery of fully discharged batteries Automatic power supply function
    17. Severe cold performance: down to -30°C
    18. Several other battery life enhancing features
    19. Low power mode to charge smaller batteries
    20. Li-ion battery mode
    21. Blue Power Multistep Chargers - IP65 With Bluetooth Connectivity

    22. 12V Outputs: 4A , 5A , 7A , 10A , 15A
    23. 24V Outputs: 8A
    24. Water, dust and chemical resistant
    25. Seven step smart charge algorithm
    26. Recovery of fully discharged batteries Automatic power supply function
    27. Severe cold performance: down to -30°C
    28. Several other battery life enhancing features
    29. Low power mode to charge smaller batteries
    30. Li-ion battery mode
    31. Built In Bluetooth to monitor charger
    32. Blue Power Multistep Chargers - IP67

    33. 12V Outputs: 7A , 13A , 17A , 25A
    34. 24V Outputs: 5A , 8A , 12A
    35. Completely encapsulated: waterproof, shockproof and ignition protected
    36. Hi Efficiency 92% or better
    37. Adaptive 4-stage charge algorithm: bulk/absorption/float/storage
    38. Protected against overheating
    39. Can Be used as a power supply
    40. LEDs for status indication
    41. Phoenix Series Multistep Battery Chargers

    42. Output Voltages: 12V 30A , 12V 50A , 24V 16A , 24V 25A
    43. Adaptive 4-stage charge characteristic: bulk - absorption - float - storage.
    44. Two full rated outputs and one 4 Amp output.
    45. Universal input 90-265V, 50/60Hz.
    46. Microprocessor controlled adaptive battery management system
    47. Adaptive feature will automatically optimise the charge process relative to the way the battery is being used.
    48. Variable absorption time to insure the right amount of charge depending on battery condition
    49. Battery safe mode to prevent damage due to excessive gassing.
    50. Storage mode to keep battery stored for long time periods.
    51. Three outputs to charge 3 battery banks two at full current rating and 1 at 4A
    52. Temperature compensation to increase battery life.
    53. Battery voltage sense to compensate for any voltage losses.
    54. CENTAUR Automatic Chargers

    55. Available in models 12V 20A,30A,40A,50A,60A,80A,100A , 200A and 24V 16A, 30A , 40A , 60A , 80A , 100A
    56. Highest quality components , with aluminum epoxy casing.
    57. Universal 90 to 265 Volt input voltage range
    58. Three isolated outputs that each can supply the full output current
    59. Three stage charging, with temperature compensation
    60. Skylla-I Battery Charger

    61. Output Voltages: 24V 80A , 24V 100A
    62. Single and Tripple Output Models
    63. The right amount of charge for a lead-acid battery: variable absorption time
    64. BatterySafe mode: preventing damage due to excessive gassing
    65. Storage mode: less maintenance and aging when the battery is not in use
    66. Smaller and lighter compared to similar models
    67. NMEA2000 Canbus connection
    68. PowerControl: set a maximum shore power
    69. Remote Control
    70. Li-ion (LiFePo4) read
    71. Skylla Battery Charger

    72. Available in 24V 30A, 50A , 80A , 100A and 48V 25A , 50A
    73. Precise Voltage Adjustment to suit exact battery specifications.
    74. 3 Steps Microprocessor charging.
    75. Can be used as a power supply.
    76. Two outputs to charge 2 battery banks.
    77. Battery Temperature Compensation.
    78. Battery voltage sense.
    79. SRB Series Industrial Battery Chargers

    80. Fully automatic battery chargers
    81. With temperature compensation and boost features
    82. Compact, lightweight and highly efficient
    83. Switchmode technology
    84. Non-destructive "ERBP" reverse polarity protection (no fuses employed or required)
    85. Current limit factory preset to match battery capacity (default: 100%)
    86. Indefinite short circuit protection
    87. Robust performance in all charging conditions
    88. LED indicators: Charger ON, Boost, Float
    89. 100w, 250w, 500W and 750W standard models
    90. 13.8V, 27.6V, 41.4V, 55.2V standard models
    91. 线上斗牛app