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      Power Supply Accessories

      Wide range of products to complement any AC or DC power supply and system, this includes: Power Cords , Meters , AC transfer switches , 19 inch rack mount distribution panels , battery isolators , oring diode packages , battery protection units , etc..

      Inrush Current Limiters

    1. Low cost smart inrush current limiters
    2. Timed current limiting period with built in bypass
    3. Din Rail mounting and chassis mounting
    4. 19 inch rack mount distribution panels

    5. Low cost enhancement to any 19 Inch rack mounted power system.
    6. Panels accommodate standard single pole breakers or double pole breakers,
    7. Front panel detachable to allow easy fitting or removal of breakers.
    8. 19 inch rack mount AC Power Strips

    9. AC Power strips for 19" rack mounting
    10. Made from 1.2mm mild steel
    11. Power coated in ripple black
    12. Electrically earthed
    13. Wide range of output sockets ( Australian sockets , IEC C13 , IEC C19 , UK sockets , Euro sockets)
    14. Protected ac input with circuit breakers or fuses
    15. Comes complete ready to install
    16. Single phase up to 50A
    17. Three phase 16A or 32A
    18. Voltage Monitoring Alarm Cards

    19. Voltage Low Alarm Card
    20. Voltage High Alarm Card
    21. Earth Fault Alarm Card
    22. Oring Diode Packages

    23. Simultanewous supply from two DC sources
    24. Low voltage drop using Schottky diodes
    25. Volts / Amps Meter ( Self Powered )

    26. Self powered from input voltage
    27. DC/DC Current Transducer eliminates need for shunt in basic version
    28. 2x 16 character LCD display
    29. DC input from 10.5V to 150V
    30. DC current up to 60A
    31. Bi-directional current sensing
    32. Flexible mounting options, eg. DIN rail
    33. Provides good indication of system status
    34. Battery Monitors

    35. Precision monitoring of Amp-hours consumed and charged in the battery
    36. Battery information: volts , Amps , % charge , time to go , battery high , battery low alarm
    37. Low cost solution
    38. Single or Dual battery monitoring
    39. Wide range of battery voltage options
    40. Optional RS232 communication interface
    41. Input voltage range from 0 - 350VDC
    42. Din Rail Mount Battery Holder for 12V 7.2AH Battery

    43. A modular concept allows the user to meet individual application demands
    44. Designed to fit 1 x 12V 7.2AH standard sealed lead acid battery
    45. DIN-Rail or panel/wall mounting
    46. Easy access to the terminals and the fuse
    47. Heavy duty fuse holder and spare fuse included
    48. Battery Low Voltage Disconnect

    49. 12/24V auto ranging
    50. Fully programmable with simple ?count down? program
    51. Over voltage protection
    52. Ignition proof
    53. Delayed alarm output
    54. Delayed load disconnect
    55. DC Circuit Breakers

    56. Battery Charger and Solar Applications
    57. Surface mount and Din rail mount
    58. Remote monitoring computer

    59. monitor battery levels, room temperature, signal strength (RSSI) on radios
    60. Onboard isolated voltmeters measure DC voltage from -100 to +100 volts with 24 bit accuracy
    61. Power relays to turn on/off devices remotely using an Internet connection
    62. Dedicated input pins used for door alarms, motion sensors, or to monitor solar panel trip wires
    63. Ultra low power consumption and won't put a drain on your power source Uses only 1.2 watts
    64. Powered by DC voltage from 10 to 60 volts
    65. Uses embedded Ethernet technology for internet data acquisition and remote voltage monitoring
    66. Uses the LINUX operating system for versatility, stability, and security
    67. Gives you the situational awareness you need to keep your equipment operational and reliable
    68. Busbar Terminal - Din Rail Mount Isolated

    69. Din rail mount busbar terminal strips
    70. All terminals are shorted together internally to form a busbar
    71. Available in current rating up to 170A
    72. Available in 3 way , 5 way , 6 way , 8 way , 11way , 12 way and 26 way
    73. Wall Mount Cabinet

    74. Dimensions 450w x 400h x 280d (mm)
    75. Numerous combinations of power supplies , meters , circuit breakers and terminals
    76. Top section with clear window to show internal indications
    77. Power Cords

      Wide range of power cords, Australian approved power cords, rating of 5A , 10A , 15A. Input connectors can be C5 , C7 , C13 and C19

      19 inch rack mount AC distribution board

      1RU rack mounted power distribution board to suit 19" rack cabinets and wall mounts. Features 8x standard 10 Amp Australian AS/NZS mains outlets, On/Off switch and Overload switch. Comes with a 1.8m mains flex fitted with 10 Amp GPO mains plug or IEC-C14 plug for connecting to UPS systems.

      Battery Holders Din Rail Mount Chassis Mount

    78. Metal battery holders
    79. Quick installation of batteries
    80. Din rail mount or Chassis mount
    81. Fit standard lead-acid batteries
    82. 12V and 24V models
    83. Battery fuse holder
    84. Screw terminal connection
    85. SA-PSE Series Power Supply Enclosures

    86. Zinc plated solid steel case
    87. Chassis mount / Wall mount
    88. Two piece design
    89. Available in 6 sizes
    90. Ventilated case
    91. Raised bottom plate with side flanges
    92. 35mm Din Rail Hardware

    93. Din rail mount clips
    94. Din rail mount cases
    95. Din rail mount brackets
    96. Din rail rails
    97. 19 inch rack mount power supply enclosures

    98. Rack mount cases , 1U , 2U and 3U high
    99. Front panel AC power switch with Neon indicator
    100. Removable cover
    101. Rear IEC socket for AC mains input
    102. Two or Four way 30A or 65A high quality Phoenix screw terminals for DC Output
    103. Sturdy metal unit, powder coated grey finish.
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